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they will have more credibility with the government.Interest groups want more members for one reason. The one reason would be so they will have more credibility with the government.

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Q: Interest groups want more members so?
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Why are interest groups more effective in influencing the government than are individual citizens?

Interest groups are more effective in influencing the government than individual citizens by power. They can provide elected officials with more measurable results to read.

What Organized interest groups enhance American democracy by?

These can include the political parties. People are able to vote on the people that they want in office. Interest groups also help to keep things honest.

Why do people see interest groups as both good and bad for American politics?

Because the want to

Do interest groups perform positive functions for government officials?

Interest groups do not perform positive functions for government officials because they stir thoughts and encourages people to battle against what the government officials want to do.

What propaganda technique is the most effective in the work of interest groups?

Giving money to the candidate they want to influence.

What three reason do interest group reach out to the public?

Interest groups reach out to the public to supply to public with information the organization thinks the people should have, to build a positive image of the group, and to promote a particular public policy.

More mafia in Mafia Wars?

if you want to have more mafia members, join pimping services. they will boost your members in a day.

Why is pork barrel controversial?

"Pork" is legislation within a bill that provides money to interest groups or causes that have nothing to do with the main part of the bill and are often added as favors by the legislators to those interest groups. The reason that it is controversial is that most people do not want federal money siphoned off into side pots. However, these interest groups are usually very important in the legislator's home area and this "pork" may result in more local jobs, keeping the people in those areas happier.

How do interest groups influence the election process?

Interest groups offer a various knowledge on particular subject matters. They provide litigation and legislative writing to influence the politicians. Senators and House members are out to please the population and take the opinions of the public very seriously. they take the opinions of these special interest groups much more so though as they provide the money to get them re- elected.These interest groups do not always want what is good for our country. They are after certain How_do_interest_groups_influence_politicsprojects and concepts. China has a Political Action Committee for example. They certainly want what is best for China, as they should. What we should not allow is these groups having any influence on our political structure whatsoever.It is bad enough when we use Environmental groups to decide how to drill for oil. or oil groups to decide where we should place How_do_interest_groups_influence_politicssanctuaries. When we allow foreign Governments to influence our Congress and President, we have issues like the current billions going to Brazil to help them drill for oil in deeper water then BP was drilling at. C BREEZY ANSWERED THIS

Why did James Madison want to prevent factions?

fractures* divide the country into special interest groups, and the country needs to be united to succeed.

What are political interest groups most concerned with?

Political interest groups have some specific political concern. Same-sex marriage, supporting or opposing. Abortion, increasing availability or banning. Immigration, increasing or decreasing. Gun control, enacting or preventing. Social assistance spending, increasing or decreasing. Political interest groups might support one side of the civil war in Syria, or the other side, or might just want to keep the US out of it entirely. There are many more examples.

What are some reasons why interest groups are so common in the US?

Interest groups are common in the US due to the country's pluralistic society, where diverse groups with competing interests seek to influence policymaking. The First Amendment protects the right to assemble and petition the government, fostering a culture of advocacy. Additionally, the decentralized nature of US government allows for multiple entry points for interest groups to engage with policymakers at the federal, state, and local levels.