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History does not report this.

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Q: Is Abraham Lincoln allergic to anything?
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Did the Biblical Abraham have anything in common with Abraham Lincoln?

No not at all. Abraham was Jewish.

Where can you get information about Abraham Lincoln?

On this website, enter Abraham Lincoln in the 'Ask us anything' box and hit GO.

Did Abraham Lincoln teach anyone anything?

Yes he did!

What are Abraham Lincoln's last quotes?

"She won't think anything about it"

What did Abraham Lincoln before he was presidentAsk us anything?


Why they assassinated Abraham Lincoln?

because crazy people will do anything to be famous

Does Abraham Lincoln have anything in common with electric eels?

my guess would be no

What was Abraham Lincoln a fan of?

I heard that Lincoln had a huge love of apple cobbler and anything that contained apples

What where some of Abraham Lincoln's favorite childhood games?

Abraham Lincoln did not like any kind of games. He was little bit interested in painting. He always wanted to go to school as he was very much interested in studies.

Was Abraham Lincoln famous for anything?

he made peanut butter ,and jelly sandwhiches

Did Abraham Lincoln do or liked anything when he was a kid?

Of course, he was always an avid reader.

What is Abraham Lincolns full name?

Abraham Lincoln did not have a middle name-- Abraham Lincoln was his full name.