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Q: Is Beverley Johnson really African American?
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Who was the first African American woman to be named a ambassador?

well good question I'm am an honest person i probably don't really know if i can really tell you what answer you really need but ill tell you what i listen carefully read it over and over to know and understand. i Dont mind if you copy but i want you to make sure you understand what you are learning and not just Dont care and just get the answerFirst African American woman to serve as an Ambassador was Patricia Roberts Harris

What is North America's culture?

Americas culture really depends. The culture would be between Spanish, Chinese, American, Canadian,Indian, European its a mix of everything. Amazing Isn't It?! Native American, Latin American, African and European.

Who is an African American female tennis player?

Modern stars Venus and Serena Williams have certainly carved their names into the record books. But credit should not go unmentioned to Althea Gibson, the first African American woman to really break down the boundaries in an era where black athletes struggled for acceptance and recognition. Once allowed to compete she won repeatedly including the singles and doubles championship at Wimbledon.

How did the first African Americans in sports affect American history?

Jackie Robinson was the first black baseball player of the 20th century, which broke the color line so that other African Americans could play in the MLB. Michael Jordan, possibly the best player in NBA history turned the game into a popular sport.

Are African Americans really moors?

Moors are the member of northwest Africa

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write the question right to get an answer! that also really does not matter what % is African American. It really does not matter, everyone is equal

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There is not really an "African American Christmas," per se. It's likely that one is referring to the holiday Kwanzaa. Kwanzaa is celebrated around Christmas-time, and celebrates African culture and heritage.

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Yes it was founded by former American slaves.

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Benjamin Banneker was a really smart African American. He was a farmer, mathematician, surveyor, and astronomer.

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Did president Johnson's early ties to the south influence his treatment to the African Americans in his reconstruction plans?

i dont really know and the questin is y u askin me