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No, he is not African American.

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Q: Is Russell Watson an African American?
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What is Russell Wilson?

African-American and Native American but mostly African American.

Is kylee Russell both black and white?

Kylee Russell is Cape Verdean, African-American, Native-American

What is the estimated wealth of british singer Russell Watson?

Russell watson wealth

What is Russell Watson's birthday?

Russell Watson was born on November 24, 1966.

First African American with his own network?

Dick watson Thank you. For looking this up:)

What has the author Sandi Russell written?

Sandi Russell has written: 'Render Me My Song' -- subject(s): African American authors, African American women, African American women in literature, American literature, History, History and criticism, Intellectual life, Slaves' writings, American, Women and literature, Women authors, Geschichte (1746-1990), Schriftstellerin, Geschichte

What team does Russell Watson support?

Russell supports Manchester United

Who is the Boston Celtics famous African American center in the 1960 era?

bill Russell

Was Houston the father of Whitney black?

Yes, John Russell Houston was African-American.

Was Whitney Houston's father white or black?

John Russell Houston was African-American.

What was the race of Whitney Houston's dad?

John Russell Houston Jr. was African-American.

What nationality is Russell Watson?

Russell Watson was born in the United Kingdom on December 29, 1959. He is the father of the famous actress Emma Watson, who appeared in the Harry Potter Saga of movies.