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every stamp is worth it

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Q: Is a 1923 14 cent American Indian stamp worth anything?
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Is a six pence stamp worth anything?

The value of a six pence stamp will depend on the year of the stamp, and the condition of the stamp.

Is the 2 cent stamp freedom to speak out worth anything?

It is worth 2 cents.

How much is a four cent stamp with the American flag worth?

This is a common stamp worth 4 cents in mint NH condition.

How much is a five dollar bill with half the serial number and no stamp worth?

It is not worth anything

Is a 1976 two dollar bill with a 1976 U.S. stamp on it worth anything?

Its worth about $2.

Is 1847 rogers bros silver worth anything?

I have a 1847 Rogers Bros stamp I S what does this mean ? and what is it worth?

Is the 2 cent Redheaded Woodpecker stamp worth anything?

It is worth two cents. It might be worth more if someone famous licked it.

How much is 8 cent colonial American craftsmen stamp worth?

8 cents.

I have a German 50 Reichspfennig 1931 G mint stamp What is it worth iknow its rare?

Your stamp is not rare and is not worth anything. Most German stamps of this era are worth far more if they are used, and the cancellation will ultimately determine the value.

What is a 1 cent Jefferson stamp worth never used?

I called a collector and they said it will not be worth anything except 1 cent.

Is the Eisenhower 2 cent stamp worth anything?

Sorry, I am unable to find a 2 cent Eisenhower stamp. Please consult a catalog and try to identify which stamp it is. Your library will have Scott Catalogs which can help you.

What is the 911 postage stamp worth?

It is worth the original cost of the stamp.