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No, it is part of the Bahamas.

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Q: Is coco cay Bahamas part of US territory?
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Where is Coco Cay?

Coco Cay is in the Bahamas.

How many nautical miles between Coco Cay Bahamas and Florida key west?

how many nautical miles is it from dodge island-miami beach to coco bay bahamas

What is the capital of Chub Cay?

Chub Cay is a very small island in the Bahamas. The capital of the Bahamas is Nassau. Chub Cay does not have an individual capital city.

Which cruise lines own their own island?

Most Cruise Liners operate an island to provide unique ports of call for each company. Carnival operates Half Moon Cay. Royal operates Coco Cay Bahamas.

Where can one find reviews of CoCo Cay?

You can read reviews for Tryp Cayo Coco in Cuba by visiting the Trip Advisor website, the Holiday Check website or the Escapes website. It is advised that you read reviews and check pictures before booking your holiday.

What are the landforms of the Bahamas?

i need to know about the landform by the name of elbow cay of the Bahamas

Which airports can be found in the Bahamas?

There are a lot of airports in Bahamas. Some of them are: Gorda Cay Airport, Andros Town Airport, Big Whale Cay Airport, Cat Cay Airport, Arthur's Town Airport.

What country is Half Moon Cay in?

Little San Salvador Island (or Half Moon Cay) is in the Bahamas

On which island of the Bahamas is aragonite found?

ocean cay and bimini

What is Deadmans Cay?

Its a small town on Long Island in the Bahamas.

Who is the owner of over yonder cay in the Bahamas?

Ed Persuad

How old do you have to be to drink at coco cay Bahamas?

By yourself you have to be 18 but if your legal guardian decides to bring you or you have their consent you can go at any age.