Is fort MacArthur haunted

Updated: 4/28/2022
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According to the people that have investigate the base of Fort MacArthur it is haunted ...In 1944 there was a big explosion that killed hundreds of soldiers...So most people believe that something paranormal is going on in The Fort MacArthur..

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Q: Is fort MacArthur haunted
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Is the fort MacArthur haunted?

According to the people that have gone to investigate and their opinion is that they think is haunted ....they think it is haunted because of a big explosion that occurred in the year if 1944 and killed hundreds of soldiers...

When was The Haunted Fort created?

The Haunted Fort was created in 1965.

What locations are haunted in fort Saskatchewan Alberta?

The Court House in the Museum is haunted, as well as many other buildings on that site. I have also heard that across the river from the Fort is haunted, some of the prisoners from the old Fort Jail were buried there.

What are the release dates for The Othersiders - 2009 Fort MacArthur 1-5?

The Othersiders - 2009 Fort MacArthur 1-5 was released on: USA: 15 July 2009

Is fort granger Franklin Tennessee haunted?


Is Old Fort Elementary haunted?

Highly unlikely

Where is the Fort Macarthur Military Museum Association in San Pedro California located?

The address of the Fort Macarthur Military Museum Association is: Po Box 268, San Pedro, CA 90733-0268

Is Tongue Point Job Corps Haunted?

I Don't know, but I've heard rumors that it is. I've also heard Fort Simcoe Job Corps is haunted.

Is the fort Gary horse hotel haunted?

Yeah people say someone killed them selves in there

Is Fort Mott State Park haunted?

No. I've been there many times. No ghosts were apparent at any time.

Is Springfield Elementary School in fort mill haunted?

Not that I remember (although it has been like 30 years)

Is fort tabers fort haunted?

YES.because I went there some time and I got shoved and pushed around.PLEASE believe me,I never lie trust me.Im 11 turning 12 in November.Hope I helped you out.