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Possibly in the longer term it is. But it would probably mean that the United Kingdom would lose its monarchy unless the US constitution was amended as states are not allowed to be monarchies and the likelyhood of the USA adopting the British monarchy again is very low. If the UK were to join, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland could form one state each. England, with a population 2.5 times larger than California, America's most populous state, would probably need to be divided into several states. England forms 9 regions though, so each one of these could be a state. Perhaps Ireland could also join them in forming a state as well.

I think more likely is reunification of the United Kingdom and Canada as each country has the same head of state already and Canadian's feel culturally much more "British" than do Americans. Another exciting and very real possibility, is the reunification of Southern Ireland with the UK over the next few decades. This one has actual support from quite a few people and even groups actively working towards this goal. Sure to be something that gains momentum over time and it would be great to see the division of the British Isles come to an end finally once and for all.

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Q: Is reunification of the US and the UK a possibility?
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