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no i do not thinck the the ship in national treasure is real because it blows up

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Q: Is the Charlotte from National treasure real?
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In the secret lies with charlotte who is charlotte?

If you're talking about National Treasure, Charlotte is a ship.

What date was Charlotte frozen in the ice in the movie National Treasure?

There was a boat named Charlotte. But it's not the one in the movie. The real Charlotte sailed from Portsmouth to Port Jackson, Sydney and carried 88 male and 20 female convicts.

Is the city of gold in the movie national treasure 2 real?

The National Treasure movies are fiction, so no.

What does the 'Secret Lies With Charlotte' mean?

It means there is a secret or a clue leading to a treasure map like in National Treasure 2004 movie.

Was Diane Kruger on national treasure?

Yes She was in National Treasure

What is the climax of national treasure?

When they all find the national treasure.

What museum was in National treasure?

In the first National Treasure, the decleration of Independence is kept in the National Archives. The Silence Dogood letters, which are real but don't have a code to find "the templar treasure" are kept in the Benjamin Franklin Museum, most likely in Philadelphia. hopefully i answered your question. :)

Did they use the REAL resolute desks in National Treasure Book of Secrets?

NO it is a replica of the real one but the real one doesn't have secrete compartments

In the movie National Treasure what did the explorers find at the Arctic Circle?

The wreckage of a Colonial ship, the Charlotte, containing a Meerschaum pipe engraved with a riddle.

How can you get the National Treasure the book of secrets?

how can i get the National Treasure the book of secrets

When was National Treasure released?

National Treasure was released on 11/19/2004.

What was the Production Budget for National Treasure?

The Production Budget for National Treasure was $100,000,000.

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