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Most people would say that Navajo (Dine') and the different Apache (Inde'- "inday") groups are all cousin languages and cultures of a sort. I would say they are about as far apart as perhaps Spanish and Italian. In other words, many basic words are the same or similar but others are not. Words like rock (tse), water (to'), I (shi) are very close. Depending on how you want to divide them up they are about seven language groups in the Southern Athabascan language family, Navajo and six Apache languages; Plains Apache, Western Apache, Mescalero, Chiricahua, Jicarilla and Lipan.

They all have the same 33 consonants, 4 vowels, the vowels can be short or long (not how we mean in English but rather said for a longer/shorter time), can be nasalized or not, and are tonal with high, low , rising and falling.

The grammar is similar too. Called :" fusional, polysynthetic, nominative-accusative head-marking languages". The word order is Subject Object Verb. Words are modified primarily by prefixes. Verbs are most important. The grammar is very complex compared to English.

They are all related in language, but not really in culture, to the rest of the Athabascan languages which are in Canada and Alaska. For example the vowel in the word for "cloud" k(k'os) changes from "o" to "a"

For traditional Navajo and Apache they have, of course, different creation stories. Culturally, the Navajo are perhaps the most different in historic times, They grew corn in bigger permanent fields and lived in Hogans. After they got sheep and horses, sheep and weaving became very important to them too. Most of the Apache groups lived in less permanent houses and depended on hunting more and corn growing less. But there were large differences in some groups for example the Plains Apache and the Lipan lived near and almost just like the Kiowa, a plains Indian culture, hunting buffalo. Others were mainly desert hunter gatherers.

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The Navajo and Apache are originally from from northwestern Canada and eastern Alaska entering the Southwest by 1400 CE. Both groups are Athabaskan speakers as are the Dene First Nations, who live near from Tadoule Lake in Manitoba to the Great Slave Lake in Canada'sNorthwest Territories.

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Q: Is there a relationship between the Navajo Indians and the Apache Indians?
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The Navajo and Apache are the largest tribal units.

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The Apache, the Navajo, and the Hopi.

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There are the various pueblo people, the Navajo, Ute and Apache.

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The Apache, Navajo and Ute.

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Sioux Cherokee Blackfoot Hopi Navajo

What was the Apache resistance?

Apache, and Navajo Indians at one time were of the same group. Some Bands of the Apache Indians are still considered at Navajo. All came from the same racial group many years back. Apache did not have political interest with in the groups. So they were never called tribes, but bands instead. There were 7 main groups with each having their own Band name. Example: Lipan Apache, Mescalero Apache, and so on.

What are the native American tribes in the south west?

There were several Native American tribes that were located in the southwest, including large areas in places such as South Dakota and Arizona. Some of the tribes include the Apache, Navajo, Hopi, and Tewa.

What languages are spoken By Apache Indians and Navajo Indians?

The different groups of Apache people and the Navajo all speak different languages in the same language family. Just like Spanish, Italian and Romanian and French are all in the Romance family, these languages are in the Southern Athabascan family.Navajos speak Navajo or Diné bizaad in the Navajo language.Depending on how you count a language or a dialect there are about 6 Apache languages: Jicarilla, Lipan. Western Apache, Mescalero, Chiricahua, and Plains Apache.Some lump Mescalero and Chiricahua as one language. Sometimes Western Apache (Ndee biyáti') is divided into 3, 4 or 5 languages or dialects.

Are there really Indians in Arizona?

There are at least 85,000 who speak the Navajo language and another 10,000 who speak the Apache language.

What has the author Maudie Robinson written?

Maudie Robinson has written: 'Children of the sun' -- subject(s): Apache Indians, Indians of North America, Juvenile literature, Navajo Indians, Pueblo Indians

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Yes, there are a number of southwestern tribes that still exist. Examples: Pueblo Indians Navajo Hopi Apache

Who were the Indians that lived in Arizona before it became a state?

The Apache, Navajo and Ute who all still have a major presence in Arizona.