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yes there is and we mxvin

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Q: Is there any known eight trey gangster crips gangs in Denver Colorado?
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Henry Ford inrtoduced the eight-hour workday to his company in 1914.

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Is Lil Fizz an eight tray gangster crip?

Lil Fizz is a member of the 8 Tray Gangster Crip gang.

Are 83 gangster crips and 83 Hoover criminals the same?

Eight Trey Gangster Crips are not the same as Eight Trey Hoover Criminals Vermont Ave splits the two set the latter being ETH prides itself on separations from all things crip related and is a bonafide blood killer and crip killer set.The Hoover Criminal Gang's were once Crips, the word "Hoover" comes from a blvd of the same name that runs through certain areas in South Central Los Angeles. The Hoover Criminals were first just known as Hoover Crips and Hoover Gangster Crips and originally were a main force behind the Gangster Crip (GC) sets but around 1979 the Gangster Crip sets (mainly the Eight Tray Gangster Crips) began feuding with the Rolling 60's that are part of the Neighborhood Crip (NHC) sets.Hoovers are worn enemies of all NHC sets.Around 1995 the Hoover Gangs decided to be a gang on its own because of their deadly feuds with many Crip sets. The Hoovers decided to keep the letter "C" but changed its meaning from "Crip" to "Criminal". The Hoover Gangster Crips and the Hoover Crips are said to be the only two of the Hoover Gangs not to have changed over to Criminals but the Hoover Criminals are still united with them til this very day and are considered to be the same gang.The Eight Tray Hoovers (ETHC, 83st Hoover, H83VER, Tray Gang) holds the biggest gang turf in South Central (Eight Tray really means 83st which is a street that is in South Central Los Angeles) its gang turf is about five miles long. Other Hoover Gangs are the 74 Hoover (Seven Foe, 74Hoova, 74st Hoover, H74VER), Bay Bayz, Raskals, Everyday Hoover (ED Hoover), 24/7 Hoover, 92 Hoover, 94 Hoover, 52 Hoover, 59 Hoover, Hoover Crime Gang, West Side Hoover, Hoover Bloods (yes I typed Bloods), Hoover Locos (which is a click of the 18st gang in south central, the Hoover Locos was started because the Hoover Gangs and the South Central 18st Gang share gang turf, it is not really considered officially part of the Hoover Family but they keep it cool with each otherHoover Crip (HCG, HGC) and the Neighborhood Crip (NHC) Wars are perhaps the oldest and most deadly Crip on Crip feuds that has lead many Crip gangs since then to kill eachotherHoover Gangster Crips (HGC), Play Boy Gangster Crips (PBGC), Palm Oak Gangster Crips (POGC) and many others but please note that even though the Hoover Gangster Crips came from the "Gangster Crip Family tree, Hoovers are at war with some of the Gangster Crip sets....The Hoover Gangs call any members of the Neighborhood Crip sets "Napp's (naps)" which is short for Nappy Heads.

How many crip gangs in Maryland?

Baltimore county and city crip gang sets rollin20s rollin40s rollin 60s west coast rollin80s grape street watts crips hoover 92 hoover 94 school yard killer crips 116 kitchen crips Avalon garden 88 crips 52 broadway gangster crips 118 eastcoastcrips 112 hoover crips 107 hoover crips garadena pay back crips tentre gangster crips fourtre gangster crips Menlo 65 gangster crips beachtown mafia crips insane mafia crips underground pimp money crips shore line crips we also have ms13 sureno Mexican 13 gang sets Compton varrio 117 Compton varrio 125 grape street watts varrio and watts 18th street tiny winos shatto park locos pico locos 7th and broadway locos those latino gangs look Baltimore city has 45 gangs batimore county has 30 gangs Hartford county has sixteen gangs and howard county has eight gangs vato locos 18th street bloods crips most of the bloods and crip members are from Baltimore but have some from new York city areas of Brooklyn and queens ms13 gang members are from northern va and Montgomery county Maryland sureno13 are from losangeles and 18th street gang members are from mexico and parts of texas we also have almighty vice lords a Chicago based gang and gangster disciples a Chicago based gang its a mess

What is the time difference between Denver Colorado and Frankfurt Germany?

Frankfurt, Germany, is eight hours ahead of Denver, Colorado. Denver is in the Mountain time zone, and Frankfurt is in the Central European time zone. Both locations respect daylight savings time every year.

How many days will it take to drive to denver Colorado from Harrisburg pa?

That's a 24-hour trip, three eight-hour days

How many days will it take to drive to denver Colorado from carlisle pa?

That's a 24-hour trip, three eight-hour days

What is the time difference between Denver Colorado and London England not using Daylight Saving Time?

Denver, Colorado is eight hours behind Paris, France. ========================= Time difference between Denver and Paris is 8 hrs Paris is 8 hrs ahead of Denver, so when it is noon time in Denver, it is 8 pm in Paris, France,=======================

What kind of spiders live in Denver Colorado?

The Brown Recluse and Black widow are 2 of the spiders that live in Colorado. Both are Poisonous/dangerous. There are more but I am not a spider expert to say the least.

What was Kyle Orton's number in Denver?

Kyle Orton's jersey number in Denver is eight.

Where is 3 Kings Tavern located?

The 3 Kings Tavern is located in Denver, Colorado. The 3 Kings Tavern is a rock bar and it has a four out of five star rating with eighty eight reviews on Yelp.

How long does it take to fly from Denver Colorado to Los Angeles California?

it is almost 5 hours. ---It's more like 31/2 to 4 hours. If your fly from Denver to Newark or laguardia. It's never taken me 5 hours and I fly out there every summer from Denver.

What does 187 means when crips say it?

One Eight Seven(187) is a term that not just Crips use, but many gangs use. It's slang for a Homicide, when a gang member says one eight seven(187) they're saying they have or they wanna kill someone. 187=Homicide