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Q: Joint stock companies were organizations meant to establish colonies in the Americas by people from?
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Who was the first Europeans To Establish Successful Colonies In The Americas?

christopher colombus

What was the reason Samuel De Champlain came to the Americas?

he wanted to establish french colonies

What was the result of the spanish colonization of the Americas?

Spain was able to establish colonies in large areas of both continents.

What was the purpose of most of the joint- stock companies of the 1500s and 1600s?

funding colonies in the Americas

What was the purpose of most of the joint-stock companies of the 1500s and 1600s?

funding colonies in the Americas

The rush among European powers to establish colonies in the Americas can BEST be described as?

spread Christianity around the world

To finance colonies merchants formed trading organizations called .?

joint-stock companies

Why did European colonies and stock companies establish the north American colonies?

So they can get more population in growth For more wealth and power

Why are European countries establish colonies in the Americas and in the east?

The era of European colonization ended after WWII. Jamaica, for example, is no longer a colony, but an independent state that is part of a loose association of former colonies and the UK, known as the Commonwealth. If you are asking: why DID Europe colonize the Americas? It was to plunder their natural resources.

Did Italy establish colonies in Americas?

No. At the time when america was colonized parts of italy were ruled by other countries or city states, and they didn't had colonies in america.But there were explorers from Italy that were working for other states, for example Columbus.

Why were English colonies establish?

They wanted to establish colonies because the pilgrams were being killed by the indies

Is there going to be a new space program in united states?

As of September 2013, there is no word of a new space program going to take place any time soon. However, there are many private companies who are hoping to be able to be the next organizations to get to orbit the Earth and possibly establish colonies on the Moon or Mars.