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Please note that these instructions make the assumption that you have adequate knowledge of gun safety and handling. If you have no such knowledge please discard what I have said, since using these instructions alone without such knowledge could lead to injury or death. Also these instructions apply only to the "decocker" model pistols.

I have a P94DC that I bought new back in '94.

Unload before disassembly .

Remove the magazine.

Pull slide to the rear. Hold the slide back. Put your finger into the ejection port. Press the ejector down until it clicks into place.

Let the slider move forward until the two index lines are aligned (the index lines are right behind the de-cock lever, one on the frame and one on the slide). You'll have to grip the slider and frame tightly to keep the index lines aligned. I do this part holding the pistol grip in my right hand and the slider in my left with the barrel pointed left. Your right index finger will fall naturally onto the slide stop pin. Push this in until you can grip the slide stop pin from the left side of the pistol. Then pull it out.

At this point you should be able to slide the slide off the front of the frame.

After that it is pretty clear.

Better yet, read the manual here:

Complete instructions on disassembly and reassembly start on page 16.

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Q: Just brought a p94dc how to dismantle it?
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