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Q: Justify the proposed fisical policy actions?
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If unemployment is high and the federal government spends more and lowers taxes the government is utilizing what policy?

fisical policy

What is the fisical policy?

means deliberate government policy to use expenditures,borrowing and taxation to influence the level of economic activities by Eunice Ingrid

this statement was intended to justify which type of policy?


Who proposed open door policy?

The Open Door policy with China was proposed by John Hay, US Secretary of State. He sent the policy to Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, and Russia.

What power allowed the consul to reject any proposed governed policy?

The consuls did not have the power to reject a government proposed policy. Many a resolution was passed without the approval of a consul, the consulship of Julius Caesar being a prime example. Only a tribune could veto a proposed government policy.

American foreign policy proposed in 1899 protecting trading rights?

The Open Door Policy.

What are the Objectives which justify a policy for spot buying?

When need meets presence of solution

Who proposed the policy of conatinment?

president Harry S. Truman

What policy expanded American trading interest in china who proposed it?

john hay. open door policy

What role federal agencies play in creating foreign policy?

They can draft a proposed policy for congressional review.

Does the proposed insured intend to replace or change any existing policy?

If you are the proposed insured you need to answer that question. If you are the agent you need to ask it!

Actions taken by the federal government which influence economic activity are know as?

The economic actions taken by government are known as fiscal policy.