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America the Beautiful

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Q: Katharine Lee Bates wrote which of the following patriotic songs?
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What was phillis wheatley's accomplishments?

She was a play and poem writer, who supported American Independence. She supported this throughout her patriotic songs, poems, and plays.

Why do you only sing the first stanza of the star spangled banner?

This may be the most common habit, but is not universal. The use of only verse of "The Star-Spangled Banner" is the result of the context in which it is being sung, typically as an isolated item in the midst (or often the beginning)of an event devoted to some OTHER purpose (civic meeting, baseball game, medals ceremonies at the Olympics and other sporting events) Note that this is NOT unique the U.S. anthem. You will find exactly the same thing with other songs, patriotic and otherwise, used in such settings, e.g., "God Bless America" (in which we actually only sing the CHORUS!)and "America the Beautiful". In fact, there are a great many familiar songs that, when used outside a service or ceremony in which SINGING is a central piece, many only ever sing (or know!) the first verse two. Think of your typical Christmas carolers. The fact that most folks ONLY sing patriotic songs, etc. in such settings leads to their only knowing the first verse, which re-enforces the one-verse custom. On the other hand, a special service (e.g., religious service) in which there is extensive singing, it is common to sing multiple verses of these songs, just as is done with other songs. (Note that hymnbooks including the national anthem and related songs typically print ALL verses.) A few other factors that may be relevant: 1) modern U.S. society is not a "singing culture" in the sense that earlier generations were. In most places people simply do not sing in public as much as was once the norm (perhaps especially so for men) So we're lucky to get anyone to sing ONE verse of something! 2) (related to the first), the 'professionalizing' of such songs in many venues (e.g. sporting events) - or at least handing them off as a favor or means of favoring some individual or group - discourages the singing of multiple verses. How many would stand for the soloist rendering all verses of the national anthem? 3) probably not really a factor (since other patriotic songs, etc., are likewise commonly restricted to one verse), but the fact that the 'storyline' of the song (about the battle for Baltimore in the War of 1812), even though drawn to fit a broader picture of the survival of the Union, is not familiar to most people (and how long will folks sing a long song about a story they don't get?!) 4)also probably not a key factor, but perhaps encouraging the limitation to one verse in some instances, is the fact that many find the song difficult to sing (This again relates to our not being a 'singing culture', since the tune used for this song was VERY popular for public singing of a whole host of songs in the early decades of the Republic.)

What songs did slaves sing 1700s?

swing low

Which famous American composer wrote songs about the south?

Stephen Foster was the famous American composer who wrote songs about the South. Foster was born in Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania in 1826.

What kinds of songs and chants did the eastern woodland Indians use?

the went kakakakakakakak

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What is Katherine Lee Bates famous for?

Katharine Lee Bates is famous for writing poetry and songs.

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Where can one find a listing of patriotic songs?

One can find a listing of patriotic songs at websites such as Wikipedia and Yahoo Voices. You can also find a listing of patriotic songs at websites such as The Nation and Paste Magazine.

What has the author Herbert Bates written?

Herbert Bates has written: 'Songs of exile'

Who sung most patriotic songs in Indian films of Bollywood?

Playback singer Mahendra Kapoor has sung most patriotic songs for Bollywood movies.

What has the author Katharine Oliver Stanley-Brown written?

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What has the author Martyn Bates written?

Martyn Bates has written: 'Imagination feels like poison' -- subject(s): English Songs, Songs, English, Texts

What are the release dates for CMT The Greatest - Greatest Patriotic Songs - 2005 TV?

CMT The Greatest - Greatest Patriotic Songs - 2005 TV was released on: USA: 4 July 2005

National songs boost up your patriotic spirit?

National Songs , Undoubtedly boost up patriotic spirit. the songs arouse the people as the theme addresses the historical, territorial, sentimental elements of the country in which they live. the music and the lyrical quality of the songs may actually add to the zing.

What has the author Issachar Bates written?

Issachar Bates has written: 'The Revolutionary War and Issachar Bates' -- subject(s): History, Personal narratives 'New songs, on different subjects'

Is there any patriotic songs from Trinidad and Tobago?

Portrait of TrinidadYes there is a patriotic song from Trinidad and Tobago called "Potriat of Trinidad" by the late calypsonian, Siper.

What wars generated famous American patriotic songs?

All of the above (Apex) xD