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Her name was Annie Oakley.

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Q: Lady sure shot travels with buffalo bill's wild west show?
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When the last time the Buffalo Bills went to playoffs?

No. They have not made the playoffs since the 1999 season and the infamous Music City Miracle loss to the Tennessee Titans.

What is a name given to Annie Oakley by Chief Sitting Bull?

Annie Oakley was named "Little Sure Shot" by chief sitting bull while performing in a Buffalo Bills Wild West show with her.

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How was William McKinley assassinated?

Leon Czolgosz walked up to him as the president was shaking hands. With a pistol concealed in a handkerchief, he shot the president as he went to shake his hand. McKinley died 8 days later on September 14th

What did ann oakley do?

Annie Oakley was a famous sharp shooter. she was known as little sure shot. she also traveled in Buffalo Bills Wild West Show. if you want to know more go and google Phoebe Ann Oakley Mozee. (that was her real name.) But she changed it

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