Life of Abigale Adams

Updated: 8/18/2023
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schooling- good health

she was outgoing didn't act like a lady so much did things other women didn't which her grandmother approved and encouraged he r father was a minister she cared for sick people in the parish she brought food and firewood to the people that needed it . Helped on the barn. She loved to learn she learned to cook, clean , read.

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Abigale Adams Was Born On November 11, 1744 as Abigale Smith........If You was to know about abigale Adams go to Google and type in

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She died on October 28, 1818.

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Q: Life of Abigale Adams
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Who was john Adams closest friend?

His wife! Abigale Adams

How old was Abigale Adams when she died?

33 yers old

What was the of Abigail Adams death?

Abigale Adams died bye the cause of typhoid fever at the age 73.

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Did abigale Adams write letters to Thomas Jefferson?

yes she did, she did not only write to him. but he helped her write to other people

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Which Founding Father's wife do you think played the biggest role in helping out with the Constitution?

In My opinion Abigale Adams had the the most input and had a pretty big role in the making of the Constitution because of how popular she became in history books and articles.