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Abe Lincoln's grandfather was shot by Indians.

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he was shot by an Indian

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Q: Lincolns grandfather was killed by who?
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How did Lincoln's grand father DIE?

Lincolns grandfather was killed by Indians.

Who was Lincolns assasian?

It was John Wilkes Booth that killed him.

Who was Abraham Lincolns grandfaTHER?

Robert S. Todd, he was also a Lawyer.

Who was president Lincolns killer?

It was Booth who killed Lincon

What did Lincoln's grandfather get killed by?

he was shot by an Indian

Who killed Lincoln's grandfather?

Abraham Lincoln's grandfather, also named Abraham, was killed in May 1786 in an ambush after working in the field with his three sons.

Abraham Lincoln grandfather was killed by?

He was shot by a gun

What Indian tribe killed Lincoln's grandfather?


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Where was Lincolns home after the civil War?

President Lincoln was still President, and living in the White House when he was killed.

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