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It is Little Plum.

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Q: Little ---- non PC native American character in the Beano?
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What is the name of the Native American character in the Beano comic?

The native American person from the beano is called Little Plum. There is also another Native American strip - The 3 bears.

What comic was the cartoon character Billy Whizz in?

Billy Whizz is a character from the British comic book "The Beano." He first appeared in the comic in 1964 and is known for his super speed.

Was desperate dan ever in beano comics?

Yes, Desperate Dan was a character in The Dandy comic, not The Beano. He was known for his strength and appetite, but his stories were not featured in The Beano.

What is a Cartoon Character Name that begins with the letter I?

Ivy the terrible from the beano comic

Who made the beano comics?

An American guy - genius if you ask me!

Which Beano character had a pet cow named Joe?

Dennis the Menace had a pet cow named Joe in the Beano comics.

Which beano character had a pet crow?

Roger the Dodger had a pet crow named Joe.

What is the naughty girl called in beano?

The naughty girl in the Beano comics is known as "Minnie the Minx." She is a mischievous and rebellious character who loves causing trouble and playing pranks.

Was thin lizzy a beano character?

No, Thin Lizzy was not a Beano character. Thin Lizzy was a rock band formed in Dublin, Ireland in 1969. The band is known for hits like "The Boys Are Back in Town" and "Jailbreak."

How old is the beano?

the beano first started in 1937 and it was called ''the beano comic''

Which is better hello kitty or beano?


Which comic was lord snooty in?

Lord Snooty is a character in the British comic strip "The Beano." He first appeared in issue 1, dated March 30, 1938, and has remained a popular character in the comic ever since.