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it was called the apples and banana plan you got to play it cool

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Q: Long period of warfare in which Vicksburg was surrounded and starved into surrender?
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What military strategies allowed of the union to gain control of Vicksburg?

Grant starved out the defenders of Vicksburg after eliminating the possibility of their relief.

How did siege warfare defeat lee's army?

Lee's army was still undefeated at the end of the war. However, Grant's use of siege warfare at Petersburg and Vicksburg split the Confederacy in two, eventually leading to Lee's army being surrounded. Rather than fight on, Lee chose to surrender.

What statement best describe the military engagement at Vicksburg and Petersburg?

Both engagements involved siege warfare.

What are 2 causes that led Lee to meet with Grant and agree to surrender?

Because his Army was completelely surrounded, hopeless to be relieved, out of supplies and starving. Last but not least Lee wanted to avoid a disbandment of his Army in order to keep away the surge of guerrilla warfare.

Was French warfare used in World War 1?

Yes they used there surrender tactic

What was the only glaring error in the Confederacy's reliance on the tactics of defense postulated by military theorist Carl Von Clausewitz?

After two and one half years of warfare, the Confederacy adhered to the concepts postulated by military theorist Carl Von Clausewitz. That being to be able to lose a battle but being able to retreat without having their armies destroyed or totally captured. The glaring exception was Confederate General Pemberton's defeat and surrender of his army that defended Vicksburg. Luckily for the South, Union General US Grant did not require a unconditional surrender and he paroled many of the officers and soldiers captured after his successful siege of Vicksburg.

Which man's surrender at appomattox court house probably helped prevent scale guerrilla warfare?

Robert E. Lee. Some of his officers were urging the men to take to the hills and carry on guerrilla warfare. Lee told them to surrender in an orderly manner, as requested by Grant. The surrender was a historic moment that brought out the noble side in both Grant and Lee.

When did siege warfare first happen?

Probably when the first defensive structure got attacked and didn't readily surrender.

Who was the inventor of trench warfare?

Commonly called "field works" before World War I, these types of defenses are older than armies. The first known use of trench warfare was as a defensive measure by the Romans when armies were on the move. Trench warfare was effectively used during the Civil War, most notably during the sieges of Petersburg and Vicksburg.

What were the conditions of the Andersonville prison like?

So bad that the Union prisoners were reduced to gang warfare and even cannibalism. The Confederates themselves were half-starved by then - they were hardly going to care about feeding prisoners.

What was Lee going to do if he did not surrender?

He didn't have many options, apart from starving and being carried to jail. However, he could have told his troops to take to the hills and conduct guerrilla warfare, as some of his officers wanted. He refused this, and reluctantly ordered a formal surrender.

What tactic did Germany use to counteract the british blockade?

They didn't, they were literally starved into submission and had to sign the armistice soon after.