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people who have mixed European-African ancestries, and who are de-

scribed as mulatto

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Q: Mixed European and African ancestry
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What term is used for Haitians of mixed African and European ancestry?

The term used for Haitians of mixed African and European ancestry is "mulatto."

What is the name for a person of mixed European-African ancestry?


In Latin America people of mixed African and European ancestry are called?


What are people called who have mixed African and European ancestry?

A ________is a person of mixed European and Native American ancestry Question 3 options: Mestizo Creole Moskito Mulatto

What percentage of African-Americans have European ancestry?

Approximately 24% of African-Americans have European ancestry, according to genetic studies. This ancestry is a result of historical intermixing between African slaves and European settlers in the United States.

What do you call a person with African and European ancestry?

Those with partial African and partial European ancestry are called mulattoes. It is a very offensive term, or used to be in the olden times.

What are Persons of mixed African and other ancestry?

Mixed-Blood people who are of Native American and European Ancestry are people who have both Native American and European Ancestry. Mixed-Blood is the word, given that if you are mixed Amerindian and European, you are neither one or the other, you are MIXED-BLOOD. Some other words for mixed-bloods are: 1. Metis 2. Mixed-Blood 3. Mestee 4. Mestizo Also, if you are tri-racial, Native American, African American, and European, you have the right to call yourself MELUNGEON. Please do not confuse the people who are named MELUNGEON and you as MELUNGEON. In order for me to avoid the whole Melungeon tribe/identity confusion, I just simply call myself MIXED-BLOOD.

What is an Afro-Indian?

An Afro-Indian is either a person with mixed African and Indian heritage, ancestry, or culture, or a person with mixed African and indigenous American ancestry or culture.

What race are people from Haiti?

The majority of people in Haiti are of African descent, with a small minority being of mixed African and European ancestry.

How many Mexicans have European ancestry?

Millions of Mexicans have European ancestry, whether they are fully of European descent or of mixed descent. The population of Mexicans who are of European descent (any amount) is around 80-92 million (Total population = 111 million). The largest group in Mexico are the 'Mestizos' which means "mixed" in Spanish (meaning they have European and Amerindian ancestry). The population of Mexicans with only European ancestry, is about 10%.

Who is a mulattoes in Latin America?

Someone of European and African ancestry.

What two groups make up muallatos?

Mulattos are typically considered to be individuals of mixed African and European ancestry. The term is commonly used in Latin America and the Caribbean to describe this mixed-race group.