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Industrial revolution, mass Imperialism, global trade,French Revolution, Tulip period

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Apexvs The Mexican-American War

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Q: Name five of the political or economic events in the seventeenth or eighteenth centuries that influenced social unrest?
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What has the author W Walker Wilkins written?

W. Walker Wilkins has written: 'Political ballads of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries'

What was the European intellectual movement of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries that applied reason to the social and political world?


Basic economic and political theory by which seventeenth and eighteenth century European powers governed their overseas colonies?


Is Erin the Gael Republic?

Erin is the name used to represent the whole of Ireland. It is particularly associated with the poetry and political oratory of the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

How did the political systems of Southeast Asian kingdoms change from the sixteenth century to the eighteenth centuries?

During this period, many Southeast Asian kingdoms experienced increased centralization of power, often under strong monarchs. The rise of colonial powers like the Portuguese, Dutch, and British also influenced the political landscape, leading to the establishment of colonial administrations and control over trade routes. These changes brought about shifts in political alliances, economic structures, and social hierarchies within the region.

In eighteenth century British parliament had achieved political sovereignty and even the king had become subordinate to it?

Yes, it is true that In eighteenth-century British parliament had achieve political sovereignty and even the king had become subordinate to it.

What political ideas influenced the American revolution?

the political ideas that influenced the revolution was that they ( patriots or loyalists) wanted to be independent.

What are some famous discoveries by Pythagoras other than the Pythagorean theorem?

He founded the Pythagorean School and Society, which gained political influence in Croton, Italy, and influenced philosophers and mathematicians for centuries thereafter.

What political system governed most of Europe in the eighteenth century?

absolute monarchy

Why are lawmakers influenced by political party?

Lawmakers are influenced by their political party because the party allows them to represent them. The lawmakers are supported by their party.

Why was the term renaissance used to refer to the time between 1350 and 1550?

The term Renaissance is synonymous with a golden age. Through the fourteenth and seventeenth centuries, Europe experienced a Renaissance age because of creative art and literature, scientific innovations, and new political and sociological ideologies.

What were the three principal political entities in central and eastern Europe in the mid-seventeenth century?

The Baltic states, the Ottoman empire and the Italian city-states were the 3 principal political entities in central and eastern Europe in the mid-seventeenth century. The Ottoman empire dissolved in 1923.