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Q: Of the 13 original state which one did not send anyone to help write the constitution?
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What state did they write the Constitution in?


Why did Missourians write a constitution in 1820?

They needed a constitution to become a state.

Why did James Wilson write a new constitution?

James Wilson was on the committee of detail that organized and wrote the US constitution. he handwrote the first 2 drafts. This was not a new constitution, but the only constitution. However Wilson did re-write a new constitution for the state of Pennsylvania. he did this because the original Pennsylvania Constitution of 1776 was poorly organized with no real system of checks and balances

When did New Hampshire write its State Constitution?


How did John Rutledge help write the Constitution?

He helped write the constitution he wrote the laws because he was a very good lawyer and he knew the laws better then anyone

Where did John Adams write the Massachusetts state constitution?

He didn't write it.

What Continental Congress suggested that each state write a?

a constitution

Why did colonies write state constitutions beginning in 1776?

To Boston tea party

What did the Alabama Territory do before it could become a state?

It needed to write a Constitution.

Why did Georgia have to write a new state constitution?

They Believed In a stronger national government and this was one of the main things in the new constitution

Which colony wrote its own constitution?

Individual colonies didn't have "constitutions." Eventually, the U.S. Constitution was ratified in 1787.

During what meeting did the delegates request each state write a constitution?

Second Continental Congress