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the end of the world

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Q: On October 30th 1938 What did people think had happen to the earth?
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On October 30th 1938 What event did people think had happened to the earth?

Orson Welles' radio adaptation of H.G Well's The War of the World causes mass panic as people think Aliens have landed on earth.

What do you think will happen if a big comet were to hit earth?

it could be the end of the earth

Do the people that think the world will end in 2012 believe that it will be the end of humanity or the planet earth as a whole?

i do not know what to think about this i do not know if it is true or false but i am still scared. i believe if it does happen it would be the planet earth as a whole

Why do you think an asteroid crashed into earth?

Because it was headed towards earth. It was bound to happen.

What kind of resource is not created by people?

Honestly I don't know but if you ask me I think it is god who made every single thing on this earth and I think that he planed this all to happen

What would happen if there was no pioneer species?

i think that there will be no humans on earth

What is gonna happen in 2012?

What's gonna happen in 2012 is People say that a planet is gonna hit earth and that planet go's buy every couple thousand years and it was always very close to hitting earth but this time people think that the planet wont miss. This is supposed to happen December 22 or 23 /2012. But i hope nothing is gonna happen.

What would happen if there was two people on earth?

i think the earth would die out because there are many things to take care of on are planet but you could takewhat ever you want if you were the only person on earth but that would be wrong any way

Why do we observe moon phases on earth?

to me i think we observe them to know which is going to happen or to notice when an eclipse is going to happen

Will the 2012 earthquake happen?

no there wont be its just a movie but in 3017 a meteor will hit the earth and god will take the good people with him. SOME people think there will be 2016 earthquake but it wont happen in Asia or Africa or south America so don't freak out

What changes on Earth's surface do you think will happen next?

There will be more mountains and volcanoes

Did people ever think the earth was square?

yes people thought the earth was squared