Pennsylvania in the 1700

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It was a colony under William Penn, a Quaker. William was friends with the King of England, Charles II. The king had owed William Penn's father, but he died, so he gave William Penn Pennsylvania for the debt. Pennsylvania was a well governed colony. It was the signing place of the Constitution. Pennsylvania was the most important place of signing documents. Ben Franklin lived in Pennsylvania, too.

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1700 1737 The Iroquois force the Native Americans to give the colonists their land in the Walking Purchase

1774 The First Continental Congress opens in Philadelphia

1775 The Second Continental Congress opens in Philadelphia; delegates elect Washington as the Continental Army's commander in chief

1776 The Declaration of Independence is signed in Philadelphia; all men are given the right to vote, regardless of race

1777 The British occupy Philadelphia; Washington and his troops camp for the winter at Valley Forge

1780 Pennsylvania gradually frees all slaves born in the state; slaves continue to appear on the Pennsylvania census until 1850

1787 The U.S. Constitution is written in Philadelphia; Pennsylvania becomes the second state on 12 December

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Q: Pennsylvania in the 1700
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What was the government in the Pennsylvania colony in the 1600 and 1700?


What is the government of Pennsylvania in the 1700's?

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What is the culture in Pennsylvania in the 1700's?

They were a country of religious freedom

What was the population of Pennsylvania colony during the year 1600-1700?

The Pennsylvania colony wasn't founded until 1674 when William Penn got the king to let him have the land that the king owed his father. During the 1700's, the population of Pennsylvania went from 25,000 and up. It was during 1700 that Pennsylvania finally reached 25,000 probably because of their promise of religion freedom which included quakers, Puritans, and other religions. After that the population skyrocketed upward

What resources where available in Pennsylvania in the year of 1700?

There was minerals such as iron and coal

What was the largest city in the United States in the mid-1700's?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

How was Pennsylvania's economy during the 1600's-1700's?

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Why did colonist settle in Pennsylvania in the 1700's?

So they could have religious freedom.

What was the most populated Spanish borderland colony in 1700?

I am pretty sure it is Pennsylvania

By the year 1700 what colony was the third most populated following Virginia and Massachusetts?


How long did it take to sail by boat from London England to Philadelphia Pennsylvania in 1700?

6 weeks

What was the population of Pennsylvania in the 1700's?

Th first census taken was in 1790 with 434,373 residents.