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Q: Political party that generally stressed individual liberty the rights of the common people and hostility to privilige?
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How do you spell privilige?

The word is spelled "privileged" (honored or entitled).

How long did it take for women to have the privilige to play softball?

Softball was invented in 1887 but everybody played it. Not until later did mostly women play baseball and men can play softball too.

How does mandatory drug testing test the constitutional definition of search and seizure?

They are generally done for a privilige, like being able to drive, or playing on a high school sports team. They can only be done for priviliges, if they are done for a right they violate the constitution.In its first landmark drug-testing ruling, the Supreme Court upheld the suspicionless drug-testing of railroad employees who are involved in accidents in Skinner v. Railway Labor Executives' Ass'n (1989). The court held that the government has a compelling interest in public safety that overrides Fourth Amendment rights of the employees.

Is health care a right responsibility or privilege?

Health care is provided by other people, people who expect to be paid. So your question is really, "Is the doctor's labor mine by right? Or do I have the responsibility to actually pay him for his efforts?" It's a responsibility. And a privilige in a sense, as no one is compelled to learn medicine, or having learned it, compelled to work for you. But by the 13th amendment forbidding slavery, it cannot be a "right".

Can a judge in a different state order a former attorney to break attorney client privilige?

The judge CAN order it, but the ex-attorney is not bound by any law not to disclose so-called "privileged information" - he is bound only by the ethics of his profession. HOWEVER - the interesting question is - - since the question states that he is not an attorney any longer, will his immunity against disclosing "privileged information" still apply. You should probably check with your local Bar Association and see what they think.

What college degrees are required for acting?

Generally, with Acting talent is much more important than qualification. A particular college degree isn't a requirement: where you go and who you know are much more critical. I'm a Brit, and so I know a lot more about the British system than the American one, but the principles are the same, you just need to apply them in your own context. Firstly, you need to find out where most actors train. There will be a small number of institutions respected by the industry, who have Auditions as the main requirement. These institutions are VERY popular, and so you will probably be charged for the privilige. There will probably be first auditions and recall auditions, and you will need to learn monologues for them. There may be workshops as well. Try to get as much experience as possible. Take any advice you are given seriously. Acting is a very competative industry. Think very carefully before commiting yourself - and make sure you have a back up plan.

Is 13 too young to own a cell phone?

depends on the kid and the parents. it can be a useful tool or just another indulgence. as parents you want to keep in contact with your kids but at 13 should they be gone that often? I like Disney mobile for kids it has a lot of features parents would like. A cell phone needs to be treated as a privilige not a right. Family Locator, a GPS tracking system. Call Control, which lets parents set usage hours. Family Monitor, which sets usage allowances. Family Alert, which sends priority messages and restricts the system until the recipient responds.

How do you get a narcissist out of your head?

By truly accepting who and what the N is. It´s a big mistake to think that the nice, charming person you initially got to know is a side of the true personality. It´s a total waste of time and energy to want to re-connect with that person as it never even existed in the first place. The cold, manipulative and devaluing child you´ve had the "privilige" to get to know in more proximity is the true person behind the mask. All the rest is just fluff to attract the moths to his dark light. That may be the hardest thing to accept, that we never were loved by the person we thought the N to be initially because this person was a just mask to hunt you down. So, you want to waste time crying for a 5 year old who pretended to be an adult to later put you through the grinder? Really?? Now, in my personal opinion Ns are vessels for demons and angry ghosts, but hey, that´s just me speculating ;-).

Do you need a bta fee to travel from UK to the us?

yes, you need bta to travel from UK to the us, bta is refundable, so its just to show that a traveler has the accurate amount of money before he/she will be allowed to travel, my husband was unable to complete his Bta fee, and he was not allowed to get on the plane.

Difference between debenture and preference share?

Preference shares are equity form of capital while debentures are debt form of capital both type of capital has preference to be paid before the normal share capital holders in case of liquidation but interest paid on debentures is tax deductable which means that by paying interest company can save tax as interest reduces the net income of company while preference share holders receive interest after tax deducted net profit.

Where did the Glorious Revolution take place?

You pays your money and call the tune! First the Glorious revolution was not Glorious and it wasn,t a Revolution. It was a hall and corner affair by men who hid in the shadows. It was the last act of the English reformation in a struggle between Anglican Catholicism and Protestantism! Ever since the reformation in England started the two forces of Protestantism/ Calvinism and Anglican Catholicism had stared at one another, circlng around like lion and jackal at a waterhole. Elizabeth refused to allow the Calvinists to challenge the Church and they couldn,t force the issue in case something awful happened to Eliza. Her death could mean a Romanist Claimant on the throne! It was a schottice that went on some 68 yrs till the accession of Charles thee First. By that time the threat of Rome had diminished, but was still flaunted by the Protestant Calvinist faction!The Calvinists took control of the Parliament and challenged the King politically and after his political collapse moved to challenge the Anglicans! Anglicans appealing to Charles rallied to oppose the Protestant Parliament. They lost anf the Church was abolished! The Presbyterian Church that followed 1646 to 1660 collapsed for lack of support from eeither Anglican laity or the Calvinist Army and in 1660 the Church and the Monarchy were restored! For twenty five years there was a struggle between the Anglicans and the remnants of the Commonwealth, the latter didn't have to much success they had no support, memories of the republican fiasco were too recent.Then in Feb, 1685, Charles ii died and his brother a Roman,' Convert' took the throne. He was an honest idiot at the best. First he promised free religion to all Protestants! Then he extended that privilige to Romanists. The Protestants complained, many would rather have done without than share freedom of worship with the Roman Church! The English Catholics looked askance at both the others but accepted the idea of freedom of worship! Then James iind, in an excess of idiocy started to interfere with Anglican Sermons and permitting Romans freedom to excess. He put his favourites in to key Anglican positions and started to sack Anglican Officers and fill their places with Romanists! The Anglican leadership were suspicious to say the least! To them it looked like a rehearsal for a replay of the 1640/60 debacle that lost them their King, Archbishops ,Bishops and all their clergy as well as their Churches. When James ordered them to issue his proclamation from Anglican pulpits, they refused. It was to much like preparing their own funeral. James was shocked, he ordered them to stand trial for treason. The whole country was in an uproar as they were taken to prison their very guards and jailors knelt and asked for a blessing! After a trial that shocked them all, Anglican ,Roman and Protestant, they were found not guilty and the country went wild. James was shocked at the whole sequence of events and suffered a political collapse. As Richmal Compton was want to say in her Just William, novels, "Collapse of Stout Party". The Anglican Church had opposed the schemes of the King and Papacy! It had won the fight, it was everyone's darling. But for the Anglicans they weren't too sure what had happeened! They didn't have to waite to long on the 10th, of June 1688, MQueem Mary Beatrice, James's wife bore him a son, James, Prince of Wales. This changed everything, it was expected that the Romanist Monarchy would end with James who was elderly, he died about 1702 A

Are landowners given the right to do whatever they want with the property that they have purchased?

Answer 1:No. A "Landowner" is basically renting the land from the government. A given rent is paid each year called "property tax", the landlord (government) retains interest in various parts of the property such as mineral and any other rights they like, and (with notice) they can take it back by giving you an amount of compensation they find to be fair (eminent domain).Answer 2:No. In the United States the purchaser owns the land but the land is subject to local, state and federal laws. The property owner can do anything they want with their land as long as it doesn't violate any laws and doesn't affect the right of their neighbors to the peaceful enjoyment of their own homes. In fact, property laws and city ordinances have been devised in many respects to protect homeowners from those who do think they can do anything they want on their own property. Everyone has been bothered by a neighbor's dog barking all night or amplified music blasting from that one house in the neighborhood. Many people would be disturbed by pigs and goats kept in a neighbor's yard. Most communities have laws that address that kind of behavior and a complaint can be made to the police.Some communities maintain strict property laws that govern almost all exterior aspects of private property. Those communities have leaders who think that is the way to protect property values and maintain a well kept community. It's the reason every new subdivision has restrictive covenants. If a person seeking a home doesn't like the control they can look elsewhere. Other communities are more lax. Properties in a historic district or abutting a wetland or waterway are subject to very stringent control.Property taxes pay for community services, schools, police, fire, parks, athletic fields, city services, street lighting, road repair, civic improvements, public libraries, health department, city employees, maintaining public records, waste disposal, special events, youth sports, after school programs, snow plowing, street cleaning, crossing guards, school buses, school libraries, etc., etc., etc.Answer 3:No. Property belongs to the people, and must conform to laws, rules and codes that benefit the good of the whole. Society thus has the just right to mandate what is and is not done with the land. Of course, the "landowner" has the right to do anything he wants with his land, so long as it does not violate any of that. A "landowner" should think of himself more as a steward than an owner, a person who has the duty, care and privilige of maintaining a property for society and future generations.