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Honest Abe was killed with a gun. I believe he was watching a play?

Lincoln was shot at the Fords Theatre in D.C. by a man named John Wilkes.


the war nearly over

He was shot in the back of the head at point blank range (a few inches from the pistol's muzzle) by a .44 caliber Deringer, Philadelphia, Pocket Pistol. The assassin,

John Wilkes Booth, then dropped the pistol on the floor as he grappled with Major

Henry Rathbone (Lincoln's guest, along with his fiance, Clara Harris). The bullet's

caliber was .41, it being a patched ball (the patch allowed the bullet to easily slide completely to the powder charge, kept the bullet in place, and prevented an "air gap" between the powder and ball, which if such existed when fired, might seriously damage the pistol). Because the bullet passed through two brain hemispheres,

the wound would be fatal even today.

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Q: President Abraham Lincoln was killed with?
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