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Andrew Johnson, his vice president.

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Q: President after Lincoln's assassination
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What was one result of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln?

Andrew Johnson being the first person to be president after Lincolns assassination

Why was lincolns assassination so surprising?

There had never been an assassination of a president before. However, it started a fad.

Became president after Lincolns assassination was impeached in 1868 but not removed?

Andrew Johnson became president after Lincoln's assassination and was impeached in 1868 but was not removed, Johnson was the 17th president.

After the Civil War and Lincolns assassination what did President Johnson decide to do with the abandoned plantation lands in the South?

Give them back to their owners.

How was george atzerodt a part of Abraham Lincolns assassination?

He was to have assassinated the Vice President at the same time but lost his nerve and nevered carried out the attempt.

Did Abraham Lincolns religion play a part in his assassination?

It was not Lincolns religion it was his policy to flee slaves and to forgive the defeated troops.

What was the Woman's name involved in Lincolns assassination?

It was Mary Surratt who was hanged.

Can you describe lincolns prophetic dream and can you summarize it?

Lincolns prophetic dream is two weeks before his assassination, Abraham Lincoln had a dream that he was lying in a coffin.

When did lincolns presedency end?

It ended only with his assassination. He was one month into his second term.

What is Abraham Lincolns nationality?

President Abraham Lincolns nationality is , that he was a U.S citizen.

Can Karl Marx be a suspect in lincolns assassination?

NO. Marx had an airtight alibi, being in London, England at the time.

What happened to Lincolns family and friends after his assassination?

no. Because the last generation in the 1980's had conceived no children.