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Q: Proposed legislation is physically placed into this device in the House of Representatives?
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What is a hopper in politics?

In politics, a hopper refers to a legislative device where bills are deposited for consideration by a committee or the full chamber. It is meant to streamline the process of introducing new legislation and keep track of proposed bills.

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A keyboard is a device which is physically connected to your computer. Basically is something that can be physically touched

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Anything physically tangible is hardware

Can someone without an assistive device still be considered physically handicap?


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Tactile (you physically feel the results.)

What device that allows for different types of devices to physically connect to a network?

hub and router

When instrallinga device you must always run the setup CD for the device after you physically install the device true or false?

False. If the operating system already has a more recent driver for the device, there is no reason to run the install disc.

Do you have to use electrical relays?

If the switch or other control device cannot safely and reliably handle the full current of the device you are trying to control, then yes. If the switch or other control device must be electrically isolated from the controlled device or its power supply, then yes. If the switch or other control device is physically very far from the controlled device, and running full-current wiring all the way to and from the switch would be impractical or physically impossible, then yes.

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It's made them physically smaller - and packed more functions into the device.

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Can you physically? Yes. Is it authorized? Absolutely not.

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Hard Copy

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its a manual data entry device. manual, because you have to physically press every key, and input because information is going IN to the computer