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lived in eastern USA and Canada

they tended to live near water

they created the dream catcher: catches bad spirits in your dreams

played a game similar to Lacrosse

they clustered their houses around a central square

they got their food by hunting, fishing, and gathering fruits, berries , and nuts

they made traps for small animals

they made nets and traps for fish

during hard times , when there was almost no food they'd chew their clothes or boil their mocassins in soup

THIS IS IMPORTANT: wampum was important to their culture.wampum belts and necklaces were made from wampum beads, which are actually white and purple shells. it was used as money between white men and Indians.they were also used as a form of communication between Indian tribes.wampum belts were made in pictures to show why it was made. one always wore a wampum belt while visiting another tribe.
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Q: Quick facts about Eastern Woodland Indians?
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