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Q: Said that countries should stay out of the affairs of other countries?
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Was painting and sculpting popular in other countries during the Renaissance?

Of course they were. there were great artists in Flanders, Germany, Spain... I guessed you meant to say 'other countries than Italy'. You should have said so.

Who is the Minister of Foreign Affairs for Oman?

Qaboos bin Said Al Said is the Minister of Foreign Affairs for Oman.

What president who said America should stay out of foreign affairs?

George Washington recommended staying out of European affairs.

What should one do when your husband said you have affairs and you don't even think about it an affair?

You should talk to him politely and tell him. You can tell your whereabouts about which he has been unsure.

When a job is sent to other countries it is said to have been?


Who said there is a tide in the affairs of men?


How many affairs did george Harrison have?

"George (Harrison) had hundred's of affairs" as Beatle expert Bill Harry once said.

Will covert affairs return in 2011?

They haven't said a specific date yet, but all the other USA shows are starting the first week in June.

In what other countries was the panda once found?

china and it is said they were once found in Mongolia

What were the causes of World War 1 and what should the world have learned from this event?

The cause was the assasination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand. George Washinton said on 17 September 1796 that we should not involve the US in any affairs involving Europe. Until this time it was the first time we were involved major foreign affairs.

What was the main purpose of the Roosevelt Corollary ( to the Monroe Doctrine )?

The Monroe Doctrine stated that the US would protect the countries in the Western Hemisphere from any further colonization by European powers. The Roosevelt Corollary said the US would prevent European intervention in the affairs of American countries such as for the collection of debts owed by these countries.

When a country is able to produce a product at a lower price than other countries it is said to have?