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Scholars believe the first people who arrived in the Americas came from Russia. They believe these people crossed the great ice bridge.

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Q: Scholars believe the first people who arrived in the americas came from?
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How do scholars believe the first people who arrived in the Americas got to the continent and from where?

Very brief, however, the first people who arrived were (arguably) said to be the Dutch. However, the others who also arrived earlier on than the colonial era, likely made it with the use of ships or boats.

When did people arrived in the Americas?


What people did Columbus encounter when he first arrived in the Americas?

Native Americans

What do you call the time before europeans arrived in the Americas?

Some people refer to the time before Europeans arrived in the Americas as Pre-Colonial days. The Europeans went through a period of Renaissance before the Colonists first came to the Americas.

How did people first get too americas?

It is thought that humans first arrived in the Americas via a land bridge that connected present-day Russia and Alaska.

What happened when the slaves arrived in the Americas?

They were taken to slave auctions were they would then be sold to white people usually plantation owners.

Scholars believe that Indus Valley people used granaries to do what?

Store grain.

What was the name of the early people who migrated to the Americas and the how did they arrive?

The Clovis people, who arrived via the Behring Strait from Asia about 12,000 years ago.

How did the ancient people arrived in Mexico?

Most of the people who colonized the Americas (hence, Mexico) arrived by walking trough the Bering Strait, which connects eastern Russia with Alaska. This happened during the last Ice Age, some 30,000 years ago.

Some experts believe there were no people in the Americas until ago.?

25,000 years ago

How do scholars explain the arrival of people in the Americas and what role did climate changes play in allowing migrations to the Americas?

Scholars generally believe that the first humans arrived in the Americas through the Bering Strait land bridge around 15,000 years ago. Climate changes, particularly during the last Ice Age, lowered sea levels and exposed the land bridge, making it easier for people to migrate from Siberia to North America. These climate fluctuations created more hospitable conditions for early humans to venture into the uncharted territories of the Americas.

Some experts believe there were no people in the Americas until?

until around 15,000 years ago, based on the evidence of the Clovis culture. However, some newer findings suggest that humans could have been present in the Americas earlier than previously thought, possibly as far back as 20,000-30,000 years ago.