Should you move to Hawaii

Updated: 4/28/2022
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yes!! if you have the money and time to you should!! i love it!! everybody is friendly and the beautiful weather and scenery is astonishing!! move to Oahu or Kauai, those are the most tourist-free parts. sure, gas is a lot pricey there but if you know the island, you wont need a car!! everywhere you go is in within walking distance. Make the move!!

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Q: Should you move to Hawaii
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Can you move to a different state and collect welfare?

My X is planning on moving from California to Hawaii with our son. He has primary custody. Our son has not finished Highschool yet. He is collecting child support here in California from me, and is on unemployment too. I believe he will move to Hawaii and try to collect welfare too. Can he move to Hawaii and collect welfare and get his child support amounts raised to Hawaii's current level? Thank You!

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The words "the" and "is" do not need to be capitalized. The sentence should be written as: "The most beautiful state is Hawaii."

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you should visit hawaii because of its climate and geography. hawaii has a beautiful plantation and it is well known for visiting. i have visited hawaii an it has wonderful tourists and it is a greta family vacation spot

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In Hawaii, the legal age to move out without parental permission is 18. Individuals under 18 may be eligible for emancipation, which would allow them to live independently before turning 18.

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Leaving is typically due to job market and cost of living. People coming to Hawaii is usually for the atmosphere.

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