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You are doing the History packet, don't use the internet please!

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Q: Source of livelihood for Northwest Coast People?
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Where was the tlingit located?

the tlingit culture were located in the Northwest coast. thats why there nickname is the northwest coast people.

Do do people relied on fishing the northwest coast or in the plains?


What other resources did the northwest coast people have that were important to their economy?


What region did the Tlingit Haida and the Chinook people live in?

the northwest coast

What region did the Tlingit Haida and the Chinook people's live?

the northwest coast

What did the northwest coast people wear-males?

feathered shirts, shawls

What opportunities did the northwest coast people have?

They got food from the sea and they had technology .

Why did Northwest coast people give pot-latches?

becausee i farted

What clothes did the people of the northwest coast wear?

they wore cloth that they weaved

What are the differences between the Northwest Coast culture Region and the Subarctic or Arctic Region?

Northwest coast and Subarctic are much warmer the Arctic. The land is more forest-like and has more animals in the Northwest coast and Subarctic. The Arctic culture live in snowhouses, and the other live in wigwams and longhouses. the main source of food for Northwest is salmon, Subarctic is most wildlife and Arctic ate mainly seal.

What tools of northwest coast people had?

bones that they hollowed out into arrows

Three advantages of the northwest coast environment?

northwest coast ienviroment surroundings are tress and canoes