Sylvester Howard Roper

Updated: 4/28/2022
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He is a inventor that invented the motorcycle

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Q: Sylvester Howard Roper
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Where did Sylvester Howard Roper live?


Where did sylvester howard roper invent the motorcycle?

In my butt!!!

When did howard roper die?

Sylvester Roper died in 1896

Can yo show you a picture of Sylvester Howard Roper?

No, I cannot.

When sylvester howard roper birthday?

24 November 1823

What did Sylvester Howard Roper invent?

the steam powered motorbike

When was the motor vehicle invented?

It was invented in 1867 by Sylvester howard Roper.

How fast did Sylvester Howard Roper first motorcycle go?

43 mph

What education did sylvester howard roper have?

a very good one a very good one

How much did it cost for sylvester howard roper's steam powered motorcycle?

2 peso

When was sylvester Howard Roper born?

He was born on November 24 1823 and invented a motorcycle in 1869

Who invented the first motorcycle and when?

Sylvester Howard Roper invented a first motorcycle in 1867