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spirital leadership

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Q: Tecumseh's brother the Prophet provided for the confederation?
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Tecumsehs brother the Prophet provided for the confederation?

spiritual leader

What was Tecumsehs Brother's nickname?

the prophet

Tecumseh's brother the Prophet provided what to the confederation?

Spiritual leadership

Who was brother of the prophet mohamed?

the prophet Mohammad peace be upon him had no brother, he was an only child and an orphan

Who is the son of Moses peace be upon him?

It is mentioned in Quran the brother of prophet Moses and not a son. Brother of Prophet Moses is the Prophet Haroun (peace upon them)

What is the name of prophet musa brother?

Prophet Musa's brother's name was Prophet Harun (Aaron). He was also a prophet chosen by Allah and played a significant role in supporting and advising Prophet Musa in his mission to guide the Israelites.

Who was Tecumseh's brother Tenskwatawa or the Prophet?

Tenskwatawa is The Prophet

Was Nathan David's brother?

No. He was a prophet.

What the name haroon mean?

A prophet name in Arabic. He is the brother of prophet Moses.

What was the foster brother name of Prophet Muhammad?


Was Judah sent by God?

If Youre talking about Prophet Josephs (Peace be upon him) brother, and if you mean was Judah a prophet, the answer is no.

Who was assisted by Tecumseh and his native warriors?

His brother who was known as The Prophet