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The compromise of 1850 was meant to end a conflict between slave states of the South and free states of the North in America. This dispute was over the status of territories that were gained during the Mexican-American war.

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Q: The Compromise of 1850 sought to settle the divisive issues of?
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Newly formed middle-of-the-road party of elderly politicians that sought compromise in 1860 but carried only three border states?

constitutional union

What was an underlying source of tension in westward expansion during the 1850s?

When America sought westward expansion in the 1850s, there were many issues that presented themselves. One major underlying source of tension was slavery and the strife between the North and the South.

In the early nineteenth century Americans sought to resolved their political disputes through compromise yet by 1860 this no longer seemed possible analyze the reasons for this change.?

The debate over slavery and states' rights had become so intense by 1860 that the South was ready to break away altogether, and they did not want to cooperate with the North. They felt they were being exploited and taken advantage of by the North. The economy, culture, and various ways of life had developed diffrently throughout the U.S., creating a feeling of disunity. They had no reason to compromise and work out their disputes because they wanted to form a confederacy of their own. Solutions to these issues had been pushed back for decades until, finally, the Civil War erupted. Ok, so you need to talk about the whole popular sovereignty thing. Also, Compromise of 1850--Fugitive Slave Act, that's imperative. Um....three/fifths compromise, all that jazzy stuff they mentioned when they first wrote the Constitution. Then, you can say that it all began to deteriorate because of the dramatic economic, social, and political issues between the north and the south. Economic--Southern dependence on stape crop (mostly cotton), northern industrialist society. Social--obviously the slave issue (sambo vs Nat), John Brown's massacre Political--wide breadth of subject matter

What is metal sought after in the Klondike?


Which was true of Pullman porters in 1920s?

the porters were not well paid and sought protection with a union- apex

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What did Henry Clay's compromise became know as?

Henry Clay's Compromise of 1850 sought to balance the free states and the slave states in balance. The Compromise lost its value with the passage of the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854.

Newly formed middle of the road party of elderly politicians that sought compromise in 1860?

Constitutional Union Party

Newly formed middle-of-the-road party of elderly politicians that sought compromise in 1860 but carried only three border states?

constitutional union

How much did the Munich conference relate to Germany's attempt to annex?

The agreement reached at the Munich Conference sought to compromise with Germany by offering it some territory in Czechoslovakia

What maritime mystery did Philip Beale wish to settle?

Philip Beale wished to settle the mystery of whether the ancient Phoenicians could have sailed around the African continent in 600 BC. He sought to replicate their journey using a replica Phoenician ship named the Phoenicia.

What was the Tallmadge Amendment?

The Tallmadge Amendment never passed. It was proposed in 1819 when Missouri sought statehood. It was a compromise that would allow slavery but end it in a generation by freeing the children of slaves. The House agreed but the Senate did not agree.

How did the location of kansas give pro slavery forces an advantage in the race to settle the territory?

Kansas was located south of the 36ยฐ30ยด parallel, so it allowed for the possibility of slavery in the area under the Missouri Compromise. This advantage attracted pro-slavery settlers who sought to expand slavery into the territory, influencing the political landscape and tipping the balance in favor of pro-slavery forces during the settlement.

The three-fifths compromise sought to prevent what?

The three-fifths compromise was designed to solve the issue of whether or not slaves should count in the total population. It was determined that each slave would count as three-fifths of one person.

The MOST important motivation for the English government to explore and settle new lands in the 17th century was?

Economic gain was the most important motivation for the English government to explore and settle new lands in the 17th century. They sought resources, trade routes, and markets for their goods to increase their wealth and power.

What is the meaning of 'settle for'?

To "settle for" means to accept or agree to something that is less than what one truly desires or deserves. It implies compromising or accepting a lower standard or outcome than what was originally sought.

What cities in Colorado and New Mexico were originally in the Republic of Texas?

Mexico claimed but never occupied, explored or tried to settle those areas which were a part of the Comancheria and lost them by default when they sought to become a part of the United States.

What is the past tense of sought?

Sought is the past tense form of the verb "to seek".