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Q: The Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions were put forward by which leaders?
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How were the Virginia and Kentucky resolutions related to the positions taken by the anitifedralist ten years earlier?

Although the situation faced by Virginia Republican leaders at the end of the 1790s was urgent, the twin enunciations of their constitutional position adopted by the Virginia and Kentucky legislatures corresponded closely to the explication.

How do you think George Rogers Clark pursuaded some Indian leaders to remain neutral?

He served as leader of the Kentucky (then part of Virginia) militia throughout much of the war.

Leaders of Virginia?

Call 13152566106

What is Kentucky Mountain Bible College's motto?

Kentucky Mountain Bible College's motto is 'Training Holiness Leaders'.

Who were the government leaders in 1600's colonial virginia?

The government leaders of colonial Virginia in the 1600's were England and the Anglican church. The leaders did not change until the late 1700's.

Who were major leaders of colonial Virginia?

george w bush...not

What was John Rutledge's beliefs regarding selecting leaders?

he was for the Virginia plan

Which slave states did not leave the union?

Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky and Missouri. The elected state leaders of Maryland would have left the Union, but the Federal government put them all in prison before they had a chance, and kept them there, without charges, and suspended the Constitutional Right of Habeus Corpus, so they could not petition for their release. Delaware, which is landlocked by Maryland, seeing this, did not attempt it. Missouri likewise would have left the Union, but prompt action by a US Army officer on the scene, Nathaniel Lyon, assisted by pro-Union militia groups of German immigrants, prevented it. Kentucky at first declared "neutrality". Military commanders on both sides outside Kentucky coveted strategic locations along the Ohio River in northern Kentucky, and the Confederates acted first, "invading" Kentucky to seize the high ground at Columbus. This forced Kentucky into the Union camp. Kentucky, Maryland and Missouri sent men to the armies of both sides, though. Additionally, West Virginia "seceded" from the state of Virginia while the war was going on, and was set up as a "new" state in 1863. Apparently it was acceptable for part of a state to secede from its old relationship, but not for entire states to secede from the Union. East Tennessee wanted to do likewise, but was never able to.

Why do organizations need leaders?

Organizations need leaders because it is critical to business and life. Leaders can effectively build teams, manage conflict, and make important decisions to keep the organization moving forward.

Who lived at the House of Burgesses?

The House of Burgesses was where colonial leaders of Virginia met to discuss their issues.

When was Forward Communist Party created?

The Forward Communist Party was created in the early 1960s in India by a group of communist leaders who believed in a more militant and revolutionary approach to communism.

Who were the key leaders in the Virginia colony?

your mothers weiner