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True. Maine would be admitted as a free state and Missouri as a slave state, maintaining the balance between free and slave states in the Senate.

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Q: The Missouri Compromise of 1820 allowed Maine to be admitted to the Union as a free state. True or False?
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The compromise of 1850 admitted Maine as a free state true or false?

False. Maine was admitted in 1820.

True or False One goal of both the Missouri Compromise and the Compromise of 1850 was to keep the Union together?


True or False The Kansas-Nebraska Act repealed The Missouri Compromise?


True or false The Missouri Compromise forbid the expansion of slavery west of the Mississippi?

False. The Missouri Compromise was meant to lay down the boundary for the new states. Anywhere North of that parallel was free soil. South of it could be slave-states.

The 1820 Missouri compromise outlawed slavery north of 36 30 true or false?


According to the Missouri Compromise slavery would be prohabited in the Michigan Territory and permitted in the Arkansas Territory true or false?


What was Henry Clay's primary purpose in offering the Compromise of 1850?

Henry Clay's primary purpose in offering the compromise of 1850 was to keep the Union together.

The Missouri compromise required northerners to help capture escape slaves and return them to slaveholder in the south?

False . The plan kept the balance of power between the North and the South even in the Senate.

Is an essential component of compromise to a resource is that the situation resulting in the compromise was motivated by malice?


Is it true that for a time The Missouri Compromise settled the slavery question true false?

True. The Missouri Compromise of 1820 attempted to settle the issue of slavery in newly acquired territories by admitting Missouri as a slave state and Maine as a free state, while also establishing a line at 36°30' latitude where slavery would be prohibited in future states north of it. However, the underlying tensions over slavery eventually led to its unraveling.

True or false Connecticut was the 14th state to be admitted in the union?

The answer is False the 14th state was Vermont

Scott v. Sandford decided that slaves brought into free territory were automatically freed?

No, it decided exactly the opposite. Slaves that got into free territories remained the property of the slaveholder and had to be returned to the slaveholder, because the Supreme Court declared the Missouri Compromise unconstitutional.