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As early as 1550 the Spanish brought slaves to Mexico . It is estimated that 12 million people were enslaved and were part of the early economics of the New Worlds.

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Q: The first Africans in the New World were?
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Which European country was the first to enslave Africans to the Americans?

Spain was the first European country to import African slaves to the Americas. After Christopher Columbus discovered the New World, the Spanish started bringing Africans as slave labor for their plantations and mines. Juan de Cordoba was the first Spaniard to send African slaves to the New World.

Where did Africans settle in the new world?

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The forced migration of Africans to the New World was along the?

middle passage

What ocean was used to carry enslaved Africans from Africa to the new world?

The Atlantic Ocean.

What do you call the horrible journey where Africans were brought over the new world?

The Middle Passage.

Why were the coastal africans a good place for europeans to get slaves for the new world?

because yes

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What expanded when natives were forced to work for the europeans and Africans started to be shipped over to the new world during the middle ages?

Slavery expanded when Natives were forced to work for Europeans and Africans were shipped to the New World. This did not happen during the Middle Ages, however; it happened during the Renaissance.