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Q: The major American export in the period from 1840 to 1860 was?
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What export was the key factor in the growth of the American economy from 1790-1840?

i believe the answer to your question is cotton.

What was Ireland's greatest export in the 1840's?


What event worsened the drop in wool export prices in 1840 in Australia?


What time period did Tom Sawyer live?


The Age of Reform 1820-1840?

The Age of Reform was during the years of 1820 to 1840. This was a time period between the Revolution and the Civil War.

Was saxophones used in the classical period?

The classical period ended about 1820, and the sax was not invented until after 1840, so no, the sax was not used in the classical period.

Which American president most influenced the course of American history between 1828 and 1840?

Andrew Jackson

By the 1840's over half the value of American exports was derived from?


What were the major expressions of nationalism and sectionalism in 1815-1840?

Love and art for the most part.

What were the major industrial nations of Europe in 1840?

In 1840 there were very few 'major industrial nations' in Europe. * Britain was easily the leading industrial country. * Belgium, though small, was industrializing fast at the time. * France (Possible candidates in Central Europe in 1840 might have included Saxony and Bohemia, but they had only just started to industrialize).

What happened to the nation's population between 1790-1840?

The population of the U.S. grew from 3,929,214 in 1790 to 17,063,353 in 1840. During this period, growth in the western states and territories grew significantly.

How did people in the 1840 view the American west?

As a new beginning to start business and farming.