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The name of the pilgrim's plantation is plymouth.

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Q: The name of the pilgrim's plantation?
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What is the name of the pilgrims' plantation?


What is the name of the pilgrims plantation?


What was the name of the pilgrims plantation?

They didn’t have a plantation, but had a small village called Plymouth.

The name of pilgrim's plantation?

The Muslim pilgrims don't have to plant during Hajj.

What was the name of the pilgrims new home in north America?

Plymouth Plantation, Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Where was the pilgrims first Thanksgiving?

On Plimoth plantation, in modern-day Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Who is the author of Plymouth Plantation?

William Bradford is the author of "Of Plymouth Plantation." He was an English leader of the Pilgrims at Plymouth Colony in Massachusetts.

In the Plymouth plantation the pilgrims regard their voyage as what?

did the pilgrims regard their voyages as physical or spiritual

According to Of Plymouth Plantation what event may have saved the lives of the Pilgrims?

Nice try, TTUISD student.

What state or area did the pilgrims try to land at?

They were heading for what they knew as the Virginia Plantation, which we know as Manhattan today.

What is the ayfl plantation tackel football teams name?

AYFL's Plantation Tackle football team's Name is the Plantation Wildcats.

What is the authors purpose in writing Plymouth plantation?

The author's purpose in writing "Of Plymouth Plantation" was to document the history of the Pilgrims and their settlement in the New World, providing a firsthand account of the challenges and triumphs they experienced. The text also served as a way to preserve the Pilgrims' legacy and share their religious beliefs with future generations.