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gender equality in public services

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still right 2021
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The National Organization for Women (NOW0 advocated for:?

Gender equality in public services.

Name three changes that members of the national organization of women advocated?

legalization of abortion, the equal rights amendment, and Bill of Rights for Women.

When was the national organization established for women in America?

Betty Freidan

Who was the founder of the National Organization of Women?

National Organization for Women was created in 1966.

What is the national organization for women?

the national organization for women organized take back the night marches to ?

Which organization encouraged working women to form women's labor union?

National Organization for Women

When was National Organization of Black Women in Law Enforcement created?

National Organization of Black Women in Law Enforcement was created in 1985.

What is the organization that sought equal pay for equal work by women?

National Organization for Women (NOW),

The national organization for women is an example of what type of group?

The National Organization for Women is an example of an interest group. You could also refer to the organization as a lobbying group, or an advocacy group.

Why was the National Organization for Women created?

(NOW) National Organization for Woman was founded because activists saw the need for a civil rights organization specifically focused on women's rights.

What was the NOW movement?

National Organization for Women

Which of these women was instrumental in founding the National Organization for Women?

Betty Friedan