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Basin and Plateau

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Q: The paiute klamath and shoshone were a part of what culuture?
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Are the Shoshone and Salish languages part of the same family of languages?

No, they are not related. Salish is part of the Salishan language family, while Shoshone is part of the Uto-Aztecan family that includes Paiute, Bannock, Hopi, Comanche, Nahuatl (Aztec), Yaqui and O'odham.

What did paiute Indians use to hunt?

The Paiute Indians were both hunters and gatherers. The did a lot of season food gathering within their territory, searching for specific foods by which season they were in. Some seeds and berries were found in the summer while bulbs and roots were easy to find in the spring. In the fall there was the pinion crop that was more bountiful. Plant foods were a large part of their diet because it was hard to find animals to hunt. Nuts and seeds comprised a large part of their diet. Once gathered, the women would grind them into flour which could then be used for porridge and cakes. One of the benefits of the flour was that it could be stored for several months so it could be built up for times of need.

What were the shoshone villages like?

The Shoshone (or Shoshoni) bands used both tipis and brushwood shelters; among the Crows the Shoshones were called "The Grass Lodges" because they sometimes covered their homes with dry grass thatch instead of buffalo hides. Chief Washakie's village of tipis in the Wind River mountains was photographed in 1870 as part of the Hayden survey of the area (see link below for this photograph). In the foreground is a painted tipi that may be Washakie's own lodge, perhaps painted red with white band around the top and near the bottom; the second tipi is unpainted but is blackened at the top from smoke from the internal fire. Shoshone tipis are generally less tall and have a less tidy and uniform look than many of the Plains tribes.

What Native American woman served as a guide on the Lewis and Clark expedition?

Sacagawea. In 1803 Meriwether Lewis and William Clark were given a mandate by President Thomas Jefferson to find a route west to the Pacific Ocean. In preparation for their expedition, Lewis and Clark moved into Fort Mandan. They soon hired Charbonneau as an interpreter for their expedition and as a bonus, Charbonneau's Shoshone/Hidatsa wife, Sacagawea, would accompany the expedition west. On February 11, 1805, shortly before the expedition was to set out, Sacagawea gave birth to her first child, a son. He was named Jean Baptiste Charbonneau and though not quite two months old at the onset of the expedition, the baby accompanied the group the entire way to the Pacific and back. While Sacagawea became known as the Corps of Discovery's guide in many history books, in actuality she was part interpreter, part peacekeeper, and part horse trader. Since Sacagawea knew both the Shoshone and Hidatsa languages, she translated the Shoshone into Hidatsa by speaking to her husband. He in turn translated the Hidatsa into French for the rest of the expedition.

Where do you go to learn how to speak Shoshone?

Idaho State University Language Project has been teaching newe daigwape (the Shoshoni language) for 22 years. A textbook has been produced (An Introduction to the Shoshoni Language). An on-line dictionary has also been produced as part of the project, but this needs to be used in conjunction with the book.For more information on the Shoshoni Language Project contact the ISU Department of Anthropology at (208) 282-2629.

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What culture were paiute klamath and shoshone part of?

Basin and Plataeu

What part of culture were the Paiute Klamath and Shoshone?

Basin and Plataeu

Are the Shoshone and Salish languages part of the same family of languages?

No, they are not related. Salish is part of the Salishan language family, while Shoshone is part of the Uto-Aztecan family that includes Paiute, Bannock, Hopi, Comanche, Nahuatl (Aztec), Yaqui and O'odham.

What culture were the Paiute part of?

The three groups of Paiute Indians speak a similar language, but are not genetically related. Numerous tribes are part of the "indiginous peoples of the Great Basin". Their language belongs to the Uto-Aztecan family of Native American languages. The Northern Paiutes shared lands and culture with the Shoshone. Some of the southern Paiutes now live on the Navajo reservations.

Which part is klamath mountain in?


What languages are spoken by the Shoshone people?

The Shoshone have their own language, which is part of the Uto-Aztecan language family. It is related to Ute, Paiute, Comanche and Bannock. There are only a few hundred fluent speakers of Shoshone left today.A few words in Shoshone are:duhubite [doo-hoo-bee-teh] blackdosabite [doh-sah-bee-teh] whitebui [boo-ih] eyewehatehwe twoseemoote tenbungu horsebaingwi fishkikah snakebiagwi'yaa' eagle

What type of Indian was Sacajawea?

Sacagawea was an native American Indian part of the shoshone tribe

What is the childhood of Sacajawea?

sacajawea was a part of the shoshone tribe untill she was kidnapped and then later on sold to charbonneau.

Did shoshone tribe fight against the Sioux tribe?

Yes, when the whites came and pushed the Sioux westward, the Eastern Shoshone met with some Sioux scouts looking for land to camp. But the Eastern Shoshone fought with them and drove them north. Part of the great plains was in Wyomings South pass, Shoshone territory, thats were they met a had fight with other plains indians such as the Crow tribe.

Where do Comanche Indians originate from?

The Comanche Indians were originally part of the Shoshone tribe, a mountain tribe in Western USA. In the late 1700's the Comanches split from the Shoshone and moved to the plains in eastern Colorado and Kansas.

How did the Shoshone Indians help the expedition?

because lewis and clark took Sagagawea on part of their journey. when they found the shoshone tribe Sagagawea relised the ledder of the shoshone tribe was her brother. the shoshone tribe gave them anything because Sagagwea was captered by a nouther tribe and now lewis and clark took her under their wing and returned her to her original tribe. :)

Was Sacajawea a slave?

Sacajawea was not a slave. Sacajawea was the Shoshone guide and interpreter who guided the Lewis and Clark part of the way during their expedition.