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Over-speculation and Jackson's financial policies.

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Q: The panic of 1837 and subsequent depression were caused by?
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What caused the Panic of 1837 and subsequent depression?

The Panic of 1837 was a depression. Panic was then used for what we now call a depression. The Panic of 1837 was caused in part by some of President Andrew Jackson's economic policies, like the Specie Circular, not renewing the charter of the Second Bank of the US, placing government funds in "pet banks." and no government regulation of various business practices.

What was the economic condition following the Panic of 1837?


How did Jacksons Specie Circular of 1836 affect the economy of the us?

contributed to the great depression It contributed to the depression of 1837.

How did the panic of 1837 affect the economy?

the panic of 1837 affected the nations economy by entering an economic depression where the business and unemployment fell to a very low level.

What did The Panic of 1837 eventually led to?

a worldwide economic crisis called the long depression

What was the panic of 1837 a result of?

A big 5 year depression. MOst of the people went Unemployment.

The panic of 1837 was a result of what?

A big 5 year depression. MOst of the people went Unemployment.

The great depression of 1837 occurred during the presidency of?

Martin Van Buren was the President when this depression or panic hit. It cost him his job .

What were the Causes and effects of the panic of 1837?

Hundreds of banks closed, High Unemployment, and a five year depression

Economic crisis that precipitated an economic depression and doomed the presidency of Martin van Buren?

Panic of 1837

The panic of 1837 resulted in a depression that lasted for how long?

Up to 12 years in some states

Which of these labor organizations collapsed during the depression of 1837?

The National Trades' Union collapsed during the Panic of 1837.