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The settlers of Connecticut

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Q: The settlers in which area adopted the Fundamental Orders?
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Is the area fundamental quantity?

no it is not considered as a fundamental quantity

Give the examples on derived and fundamental quantity?

Length is fundamental, area is derived.

What is the area that the settlers arrived in is now this state?


What are the first humans settlers of an area called?


Is area derived or fundamental?

Area is a fundamental concept in mathematics, representing the amount of space enclosed within a shape. It is derived from the measurements of length and width in a two-dimensional space.

From what two places did the largest number of settlers come?

The answer will depend on settlers into which area. Since that has not been specified there cannot be a sensible answer to the question.

What are the common unethical practices adopted by companies in the area of business?

common unethical practices adopted by companies in the areas of business

Where did the early settlers of Colombia came from?

The area known today as Colombia was first settled by nomadic hunter-gatherers in the 10th century BC. The first European settlers arrived in the area in 1499 from Spain.

Why is seattle named after chief seattle?

Chief Seattle often helped the white settlers in the area. Thankful settlers named their town Seattle after him.

What was the original country of settlers along lower delaware river?

The first settlers who colonized the area of America located along the lower Delaware River originated from the European country of Sweden, although a small proportion of settlers in this area also came from Finland. Initially at odds with Dutch settlers in the area, they eventually became subject to the English, who forcibly took control from the Dutch in the late 1600s.

As settlers moved west what happened to the area called middle ground?

As the settlers pushed back the indians, the "middle gound" also moved west.

When did the settlers from France establish communities on the Lawrence river?

It was in the early 1600s when settlers from France established communities on the St. Lawrence River. These settlers found the area to provide prime fishing capabilities and transportation opportunities.