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The United States government is a democratic republic.

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Democratic republic

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Democratic Republic

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Q: The united States has what form of government?
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When did our first form of government begin to govern the united states?

Our first form of government began to govern the United States in 1787.

What is our form of government called?

In the united states we have a democracy

How is US government different form other forms of government?

The United States government is the closest world government to a true democracy. There is also no monarch in the United States.

Which form of government is used in the United States today direct or representative?

The United States is a representative republic.

What form of government does Afganistan have?

the same as the United States (democracy)

What is the predominant form of nonprofit organization in the united States?


What form government is inplace in the us?

The United States of America is a Republic.

What documents explains the form the government used in the United States?

The Constitution

Which form of government are states loosely united for a common purpose?


How are the united kingdom and Canada's government similar?

The simulates between you United States and the United Kingdom government are very different ... In fact the United States form of government was formed to be in exact contrast to the UK model ... Then the United States formed there government the UK was and still is a Monarchy and the Americans wanted no part of that form of government ... The US government is based on the Greco-Romain (ancient Greek's and Romain's) forms of government ...

Which people in the United States have rebelled against any form of government?

The anarchist.

What is the most common form of city government in the United states?