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Q: These colossal heads were produced around 1200 to 900 BC by the Native American peoples of?
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The colossal heads were produced around 1200 to 900 Bc the Native American people of?


Look at this photograph these colossal it’s produced around 1200 to 900 BC by the native American people’s of?


What nation was an amalgam of peoples of both Native American and African origins?

what nation was an amalgam of peoples of both native american and african origin

Which Native American peoples settled in the south east region?

the native americans

Are Taino Indians Native American?

Yes, all native peoples of the Americas are native Americans.

What are three native American peoples?

There were and to some extent still are Native American peoples. Three that come to mind are: A. The Cherokee Nation, mostly in North America; B. The Aztec peoples, who thrived mostly in the area now called Mexico; and C. The Inca peoples, these Native Americans made their homes on the western side of the South American continent.

Are Aztec Indians Native American Indians?

Yes, the Aztec people were Native American peoples who inhabited central Mexico in the 14th to 16th centuries. They were part of the larger indigenous peoples of the Americas known as Native Americans.

What are the names of the native American peoples who live in the southwestern region?


What is an Americanoid?

An Americanoid is a person who is characteristic of or resembling Native American peoples.

How are Native American lives like stories?

All peoples lives are stories.

Which native American peoples settled in the southwest region?

Hopi, Acoma, and Zuni

How did the french and settlements affect native Americans?

The French and the Dutch each made alliances with Native American peoples.