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Wrote a letter to Yuri Andropov

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Q: Thirteen-year-old Samantha Smith died in a plane crash after filming a segment on the Robert Wagner series Lime Street How did she become a celebrity in the first place?
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What was the smallest segment of southern society?

Free Blacks (2%)

Which segment of the US population actually saw increased employment in the fields of education nursing domestic service and the textile industry during the 1930s?

White Females

How do you remove a drawer from a hooker desk?

Pull the drawer out as far as you can. Look for 2 levers on the slides. One on each side of the drawer just before the second segment of the slide. Push the left one up and the right one down and pull the drawer straight out. It will be snug but you will feel it move past the lever locks.

Why was there so much racial violence in the early twentieth century?

Racial violence in the early twentieth century was mainly associated with economic issues. The East St. Louis riot killed at least 100 blacks. The Atlanta, Omaha and Chicago riots killed hundreds of blacks and were caused by economic tensions. In many cases, the rioters were represented by a large segment of ethnic white immigrants, who competed with blacks for jobs.

Why did the north want to keep slaves?

The Northern states, for the most part had outlawed slaves. Some states abolished slavery even before the US Constitution was ratified. There was a segment of people in the North that directly and indirectly benefited from the slavery in the South. Northern owned textile mills needed cheap cotton, and slaves working on Southern cotton plantations provided cheap labor and thus kept the cost of cotton lower than if free and paid farmhands worked in the cotton fields. Some Northern people, in fact many by today's standards were racists. If slavery was abolished then some former slaves might migrate to the North. Not only did racist people oppose that, but in certain labor unions they believed that any new free Black workers would drive down the pay rates of factory workers.

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The main format for "SNL" is a celebrity host, musical guest, sketches, commercial parodies, and a fake news segment.

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