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The Sherman Antitrust Act was enacted in July 1890 and made combining of businesses to prevent competition illegal.

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Q: This act was enacted in July of 1890 and made combining of businesses to prevent competition illegal?
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How do you use the word cartel in a sentence?

Cartels are illegal because they prevent healthy competition. Consumers benefit when there are a lot of businesses offer various products.

What did the Sherman Antitrust Act make illegal in 1890?

The Sherman Anti-Trust Act, passed in 1890, made it illegal for businesses to combine t create monopolies. Monopolies prevented competition and drove prices up for consumers.

Are there any illegal golf grips for competition?


What is Illegal group of companies that discourages competition?

A trust

What is an illegal grouping of companies that discourages competition?

A trust

What types of businesses will succeed in a poor economy?

Illegal ones.

Is steroid use illegal in worlds strongest man competition?

No steroids are not illegal but they do drug test for other illegal substances ie. coke, meth...

What power do illegal monopolies use to drive out competition?

Illegal monopolies are those that can be shown to use their power to suppress competition. A monopolist has the power to dominate markets--the ability to set the price by altering supply.

What was the purpose of the Sherman Antitrust Act It made the sale of a corporation without Congress's approval illegal. Itattemped to create competition by making monopolies illegal. It attempted to?

You need to answer this question question because we don’t do homework and your teacher is looking for your critical thinking skills and how well you understood the lesson.

Is it illegal to purchase products from a store and sell them for profit from your home?

No, it is not illegal to purchase items and then resale them for a profit. This is how businesses make their money.

What was the Interstate Commerce Act and why was it important?

It was the first Federal law that regulated Big Business

Can a business enact a law?

No, businesses do not have the power to enact laws. Laws are only enacted by legislative bodies such as government bodies or elected representatives. Businesses may, however, have policies or rules that govern their operations and interactions with customers and employees.